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How to Use eBIRForms to File Your Taxes Online

Since October 2014, filing tax returns through eBIRForms has become mandatory for non-eFPS (Electronic Filing and Payment System) taxpayers and Accredited Tax Agents. This is true whether or not they are going to use an online tax calculator in the Philippines. Take note, however, that Taxumo is a great alternative when it comes to filing your taxes online!

What is eBIRForms?

eBIRForms is the BIR’s electronic service that allows taxpayers to file and pay their taxes online.

So, instead of the manual process of filing tax returns where taxpayers had to physically go to Accredited Agent Banks or the local BIR office, taxpayers can now file and pay their taxes online.

eBIRForms consists of two components:

1. Offline eBIRForms Package

This refers to the offline tax preparation software that taxpayers and Accredited Tax Agents use to fill up tax forms offline. You can download the latest version of eBIRForms here.

2. Online eBIRForms System

This refers to the infrastructure that accepts, processes, and stores tax returns submitted online. In other words, this system makes BIR’s online tax submission services possible.

Now, there’s no reason you should be confused between the two. One is for tax preparation and tax return submission and the other is the system that makes online tax filing possible. It’s simple as that!

Who needs to use eBIRForms?

Generally, people that need to file eBIRForms are those who are covered by the 2015 Revenue Regulations. These individuals are not government-mandated to use the eFPS (Electronic Filing and Payment System). The people included in this group are the following:

  • Accredited Tax Agents
  • Real estate agents and real estate developers who are one-time transaction taxpayers
  • LGUs (Barangays are an exception)
  • Corporations reporting to the government
  • Accredited principal and secondary receipt/invoices printers
  • Cooperatives belonging to the government
  • People filing for a “No Payment Return” (they fall under business income or mixed-income)
  • Registered National Electrification and Local Water Utilities Administration cooperatives

Who are exempted from using eBIRForms?

There are only a select few who are exempted from using eBIRForms. They are:

  • Purely compensation income earners
  • Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME)
  • Senior Citizens filing for income tax return
  • People with disabilities filing for income tax return
  • Employees qualified for substituted filing under RR 2-98 Sec. 2.83.4 but opted to pay income tax return for the purpose of Philippine National Police or Armed Forces of the Philippines promotion, loans, scholarship, foreign travel requirements, etc.

Which BIR forms are covered under the eBIR system?

The offline and online eBIR system covers 36 BIR forms under these categories:

  • VAT (Value-added Tax)
  • Excise Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Documentary Stamp Tax
  • Percentage Tax
  • Income Tax Returns
  • ONETT (BIR one time transactions)
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Donor’s Tax Returns

You can find the list of forms available here.

How do you file through eBIRForms?

Taxpayers will need to use the offline software package to start filing. You can also use Taxumo’s online filing service if you have any difficulties with using eBIRForms.

Also, take note that eBIRForms currently does not work on Mac. So, if you’re on an Apple computer, you’ll need to find a windows computer to install the offline software package.

Here are the steps in filing your taxes with eBIRForms:

  1. Download and install the latest eBIRForms Offline Package
  2. Install the software and look for the eBIRForms icon on your computer (take note that you can only use
  3. Enter important background details such as your TIN, RDO Code, etc.
  4. Then, select the type of BIR form you want to file and click “Fill Up”.
  5. The BIR Form you chose will now load.
  6. Encode the information asked by the BIR form. You can also delete the wrong information if needed.
  7. Next, go to the computation part of the software. Just input your income on the “Taxable Amount” portion and the tax you need to pay for the current period will automatically come out.
  8. Next, click save and validate.
  9. Once validation is successful, you can print 3 forms to be presented at Authorized Agent Banks. Then, go back to the previous page so the software can submit your form to BIR with the email address you encoded before.
  10. Once you receive a confirmation email, you are ready to pay.

Do I still need to submit the printed forms to the RDO or AAB after filing electronically?

You won’t need to submit physical copies of your forms if you filed through eBIRForms.

For attachments, there is no need to submit them physically as well. You can use the eFPS system for this. However, you must submit the attachments within fifteen (15 days) after eFiling.

Where can I download eBIRforms?

You can visit the BIR website to check the latest version of the eBIRForms offline package.

Note that as of the writing of this article, the latest version of the eBIRForms offline package is version 7.8. Download the latest version here.

Is there an alternative to eBIRForms?

If you’re feeling that eBIRForms is lacking in functionality, then you can use Taxumo to file and pay your taxes online!

So, eBIRforms or Taxumo? Which is the best option for me?

While you’re limited to filling up your tax forms and submitting them to the BIR on eBIRForms, Taxumo offers you additional features to make your tax filing experience easier.

Auto-generated Tax Forms

When you’re on eBIRForms, you’re supposed to enter information on each form manually. While that should be perfectly fine if you’re knowledgeable on taxes, it could lead to errors if you’re still new.

On Taxumo, our software will fill out all your tax forms for you. Since we have information from your taxpayer profile and your income and expenses, we can automatically fill out your forms for you!

Real-time Tax Calculation

Tax calculation can get a bit complicated. That’s why on Taxumo, we automatically calculate your taxes for you. And that’s every time you update your income and expenses! You’ll never get shocked at how much taxes you owe ever again!

Attachment Generation

When you’re on eBIRForms, submitting attachments requires you to download another program which is called the eFPS. And, you’ll have to prepare and submit your attachments through that system.

On Taxumo, submitting your attachments is done in the background and is submitted automatically every time you file. So there’s no extra work that needs to be done on your end.

Looking for an easier way to file your taxes?

Try Taxumo Today!

36 thoughts on “How to Use eBIRForms to File Your Taxes Online”

  1. hi there. can i still submit an amendment for previous tax year or quarter that did not contain the tax withheld?can i still get a credit for it and have it applied to my current income tax bill? thanks

  2. My tax due is negative. The form does not validate unless amount on page i Item 25 A cannot be more than 50 % of item 22. Since Item no. 22 is negative, so i need item 25A should also be negative right? How will I input negative sign before the numerical figure like -2,150.00?

  3. what if i typed the wrong transaction date, do i need to repeat submission of my return or i can edit and put the correct transaction date in the hard copy when i pay in the bank. thank you.

  4. Good Day!
    I just want to ask, do I still need to visit my assigned RDO office if I’m going to submit/process eBIR form(1700) and pay it thru online banking? Do I need to submit any printed documents to them BIR office?

  5. Hi, my submission thru ebirforms didn’t push through due to internet issues. Now, I returned to main screen to refresh. But when I checked my filing to resubmit, the submit button was no longer available. It seems like my failed submission push through. But it’s been 1 day already but I’m not receiving any email confirmation. Is it ok if I make another submission?

    1. Hi Ginger! With Taxumo, yes you can file your taxes even if you are outside of the country as long as you can access it via your internet browser. 🙂

  6. I was filing for 1700 and it says “you have entered an incorrect TIN” but I’m 100% sure that I input the correct one. Need immediate response thru email because the deadline is on April 15. Thank you.

  7. I send 2 tax form yesterday, 2551Q and 1701Q, using ebirforms but only 1701Q has tax return receipt confirmation email. what should I do? Should I send another 2551Q with the same content as the previous one?


      1. eBIR forms doesn’t allow to add e-signatures. My understanding is, if you are submitting online, no need to write name and signature

        1. Hello Reyes,

          Good day!

          Yes that is correct. If you want to add signature, just add it after filing the form or print the form, sign it and have it stamped by your RDO. 🙂

  8. Hello. The form doesn’t add total compensation income hence my total taxable income is negative. The field was also uneditable

  9. If I already filed my 1701A using offline eBIRForms, and paid the tax due online, do I still need to submit a physical copy of the 1701A to the RDO? Thanks!

  10. Hi! I have question. When I click rdo code no options and I cannot click drop down menu that’s why I cannot press fill up.

    1. Hello Ghen,

      Good day!

      It is best that you coordinate this with BIR so they can check what should be done on your end to complete your filings. You may call the Customer Assistance Division (formerly BIR Contact Center) at Hotline No. 8538-3200 or send an e-mail to 🙂

    1. Hello Manny,

      Good day!

      You can submit your attachments through the eAFS portal. Note that the eAFS is a separate system that BIR launched last 2020, you may access it here:

      Here’s the step-by-step guide on how you can submit your attachments thru eAFS webpage:

      Let us know if you need further help. 🙂

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