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A Guide to Filing Your 2024 ITR in the Philippines

A Guide to Filing Your 2024 ITR in the Philippines

April 15th, 2024, may seem distant, but for tax-savvy Filipinos, it’s never too early to start preparing. This comprehensive guide to filing your 2024 ITR will set you on the path to a smooth and efficient tax season.

Gear Up for Filing Your 2024 ITR:

  • Gather Your Documents: Gather all necessary paperwork. This includes withholding tax certificates (BIR Form 2307), BIR Form 2316 if you’re a mixed-income earner, and all receipts for your expenses . Keep a close track of all invoices issued throughout the year. This step is crucial for a hassle-free filing process.
  • Choose Your Path: Decide whether to be a traditional manual filer or opt for a smarter, eco-friendly approach with Taxumo. Taxumo’s digital filing process is not only faster and easier but also helps you stay organized. Sign up for free at and experience the difference.
  • Know Your Deadline: While April 15th is the official deadline (April 11 on Taxumo), filing your 2024 ITR early has its perks. Avoid late filing penalties and enjoy peace of mind by aiming to file in March or even February.

Identifying the Right Tax Form:

  • Individual Taxpayers: Are you confused between Forms 1701, 1701A, and 1700? Taxumo offers a detailed guide to help you understand which form suits your situation best:
  • Corporate Taxpayers: For corporations operating under the regular tax rate, Form 1702RT is your go-to. Also familiarize yourself with Forms 1702MX and 1702EX for more complex corporate tax scenarios.

Filling Out the Form Accurately:

  • Follow the Instructions: Navigating through the forms can be complex. Pay attention to each section, ensuring no part is overlooked.
  • Claim Your Deductions: Leverage your 2307 forms and other sources like PERA investments to claim tax credits. These credits can significantly reduce your total tax dues. Always have the necessary Tax Credit Certificates on hand.
  • Double-Check Everything: Ensure accuracy in your entries to avoid errors and possible penalties.

Embrace Digital Ease with Taxumo:

  • Easy Account Creation: Sign up for free at and gain access to Taxumo’s user-friendly features.
  • Track Revenue and Expenses Digitally: Input your financial details into Taxumo’s system for automatic tax computation. This removes the need for manual calculations or spreadsheets.
  • Smooth Document Upload: Digitize and upload all your necessary documents for a paperless, efficient submission process.
  • Hassle-Free Submission and Payment: Review your details and make your tax payments through Taxumo’s secure payment partners.

Bonus Tips for Filing Your 2024 ITR:

  • Start Early: Beat the rush by gathering your documents and filing ahead of time.
  • Keep Copies: Secure a copy of your submitted ITR, BIR confirmation, and proof of payment as evidence of your compliance.
  • Stay Informed: Regularly visit the BIR website to stay updated with the latest forms and guidelines.

Filing your ITR is a crucial civic duty, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With this guide to filing your 2024 ITR, you’re well-equipped to tackle your tax responsibilities with confidence and efficiency. Embrace digital filing for a more streamlined process.

Need assistance? Reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through filing your BIR Annual ITR form swiftly and effortlessly.

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