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I Now Have SSS… Where Do My SSS Contributions Go?

I now have SSS, where does my contribution go to?

A Guide for Self-Employed, Professionals, and Freelancers

You may wonder what’s next after paying your SSS contributions and where they are distributed to? Let’s take a look into the allocation of SSS contributions and shed light on how your contributions support the various benefits and services provided by the SSS. By understanding where your contributions go, you can appreciate the importance of maintaining regular contributions for your future financial security. 

How Many Contribution to Avail SSS Pension and Benefits

A significant portion of SSS is allocated towards the payment of retirement benefits. This benefit allows members who can no longer work due to old age be paid in a monthly pension or lump sum. So, you may ask, “how many contribution to avail sss pension?” First understand that in order for you to qualify in reaping the benefits, you must have paid 120 contributions before you reach the age of retirement of 60.


Your contributions, along with the contributions of other active members, are utilized to fund the pensions received by retired members, allowing them to enjoy a stable and secure retirement. 

Supporting Sickness and Disability Benefits

We all know that getting sick can be costly! But the good thing is disability and sickness benefits are included in the SSS. These benefits aim to alleviate the financial burden faced by members who experience disabilities or sickness that impede their ability to work.

  • Disability Benefit is granted as either a monthly pension or a lump sum amount to a member who becomes permanently disabled, either partially or totally. In order to qualify here are the conditions:

    Must have at least 1 month of SSS contributions before the semester of disability
    For monthly disability pension, you must have 36 monthly contributions prior to the semester of the disability
    For Lump sum amount, it can be granted if it’s less than 36 contributions


  • While as for sickness benefit, the daily cash allowance is provided for the duration of a member’s inability to work due to sickness or injury. To avail the sickness benefit, the member must have the following:

    Unable to work due to sickness of at least 4 days
    Paid 3 months worth of contributions within a 12 month period prior to the semester of sickness. 
    Notified SSS about the sickness or injury 


Ensuring Maternity Benefits

Pregnancy and childbirth can bring about additional expenses and financial responsibilities so SSS contributions are a big help. This benefit allows female members who are unable to work due to childbirth or miscarriage/emergency termination of pregnancy be provided with daily cash allowances as long as the member paid three (3) months worth of contribution for 12 months before the semester of childbirth or miscarriage/emergency termination. 

Utilizing Unemployment Benefits

In case you find yourself involuntarily terminated from your job, SSS can cover for you. Cash benefits are given among the given conditions:

– Not over 60 years old at the time of involuntary termination of employment
– Member has paid 36 months worth of contribution, At least 12 months should be in the 18th month period preceding the month of involuntary separation 

Help of compensation program

Any member who was affected by work related injury or sickness resulting in disability or death can now enjoy SSS Employee Compensation Benefit. Members and beneficiaries can claim the cash benefit not unless it is due to unfortunate events such as drunkenness, intention to harm self, or from negligence.

Understanding where your SSS contributions go is vital in appreciating the value and purpose of maintaining regular contributions. Your contributions directly support the various benefits and services provided by the SSS, ensuring you financial assistance during important life events.

For convenient and hassle-free payment of your SSS contributions, follow the steps provided in the linked blog post (

This guide will walk you through the process of paying your SSS contributions online and generating Payment Reference Numbers (PRNs). We also offer online payment methods for you to save time, ensuring that your contributions are up-to-date.

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