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Switched Jobs Last Year? Pay your Taxes using 1700

Transitioning between jobs can be an exciting phase, filled with new challenges and opportunities. If you’re among those who embarked on new career paths in 2022, understanding your tax obligations is crucial to staying compliant. This article is tailored specifically for Filipinos who switched jobs last year, guiding you through the process of filing your income tax return (ITR) with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in the Philippines.

Understanding BIR Form 1700

For Filipino employees who have experienced multiple employments within the same year, BIR Form 1700 is essential. This form is utilized to file your annual income tax return, encompassing income earned from January to December of the previous year from various employers. It’s applicable to both government and private sector employees.

Key Information Required for BIR Form 1700

Filing BIR Form 1700 necessitates detailed information about your earnings, allowable deductions, and tax credits for the past year. You’ll need to include:

  • Personal information
  • Income from employment or business activities
  • Eligible deductions and tax credits

All necessary details for filing can be found on your BIR Form 2316, which should be collected from your employers within the taxable year.

Filing Your BIR Form 1700

There are two ways to file your BIR Form 1700: manually at your nearest BIR office or electronically for added convenience. Platforms like Taxumo offer an electronic filing option, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time.

Deadlines to Remember

The annual deadline for filing BIR Form 1700 falls on April 15th. However, if this date lands on a holiday or weekend, the deadline shifts to the next business day. For Taxumo users, the filing deadline is set for April 10, 2023, offering an early submission option to avoid the rush.

Consequences of Late Filing

Delaying your BIR Form 1700 filing can lead to penalties, interest charges, and the potential for a BIR audit. Timely submission is essential to avoid legal complications and financial penalties.

How Taxumo Can Assist You

Taxumo simplifies the tax filing process, especially for individuals who switched jobs last year, by efficiently managing your BIR Form 1700 filing for a reasonable one-time fee. With Taxumo, long queues, transportation costs, and the hassle of finding parking become things of the past.

File Your BIR Form 1700 With Taxumo in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Visit:
  2. Select “Get a Quote.”
  3. Provide the necessary information, including all your BIR Form 2316 documents from the taxable year.

Following these steps, Taxumo’s Customer Service team will promptly assist you in completing your filing.


For Filipinos who transitioned to new jobs in the past year, staying informed about and compliant with your tax obligations is paramount. BIR Form 1700 plays a crucial role in this process, ensuring that your tax filings reflect your career movements accurately. By leveraging resources like Taxumo, you can navigate tax season with ease, allowing you to focus on flourishing in your new role.

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