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Introducing The Taxumo Tandem Subscription Plan

Taxes. Love it or hate, it’s a fact of life. And, We understand that taxes can be confusing, hard, and downright stressful. And, we’re pretty sure your friends also feel the same way. With Taxumo Tandem, our newest subscription plan, you and your friend can enjoy a headache-free tax filing experience together.

Taxumo Tandem is perfect for pairs of entrepreneurs who want their taxes done with the power of tech. Each person gets their own subscription under one billing. This way, each of you can avail of a plan at a cheaper price – as low as Php 299.50 per month per person.

Since you and your friend will have Taxumo plans, both of you will enjoy the benefits of tax automation. These include real-time tax calculation, auto-filled tax forms, multiple payment options, and more! 

And don’t worry. Since you’ll have separate Taxumo accounts, you won’t see each others’ financial details. Whatever you input in your account is for your eyes only.

To sign up for a tax filing experience with your friend, visit and follow the instructions!

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