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You’ve Been Sleeping On These Free Taxumo Features

There’s a reason why professionals, sole proprietors, corporations love using Taxumo. Apart from being the most efficient online tax support system, Taxumo offers a whole lot of other features that make compliance management a seemingly easy task! 

Taxumo has many features that make it an excellent online tax platform. These features include auto-computation and filing of taxes, multiple tax forms and schedules, a dashboard for tax status monitoring, expert assistance and support, integration with payment platforms, and a mobile app. Users who take advantage of these features can save time, avoid errors, and stay on top of their tax obligations.

Here are some of the features of Taxumo that people are sleeping on:

Auto-computation and Filing of Taxes: Taxumo automates the computation and filing of taxes, which saves users time and reduces the chances of errors. Users only need to input their income and expenses, and will do the rest.

Auto-generated Tax Forms and Schedule Reminders: Taxumo supports multiple tax forms and schedules, including Income Tax Returns (ITRs), Percentage Tax Returns (PTRs), and Value Added Tax (VAT) Returns, among others. Users can also file and pay their taxes for multiple months at once.

Dashboard for Tax Status Monitoring: Taxumo provides a dashboard that shows the user’s tax status, including the taxes paid, taxes due, and deadlines. This feature helps users to stay on top of their tax obligations and avoid penalties.

Expert Assistance and Support: Taxumo offers expert assistance and support to its users. The platform has a team of tax experts who can answer tax-related questions and provide guidance to users.

Integration with Payment Platforms: Taxumo is integrated with different payment platforms, including GCash, Maya, GrabPay, BillEase (soon), HelixPay, PayPal and DragonPay, among others. Users can pay their taxes using their preferred payment method without leaving the platform.

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